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Do you have questions about career industry news and trends, job finding strategies, career exploration, building your brand, diversity/equity/inclusion/branding, or any other career-related areas? Our Career Experts Group members are here to provide answers and help you move in the right direction. We will respond by email to all questions asked, and yours may be selected to appear in the Ask the Experts section of our monthly newsletter!

Please be advised that the members of the Career Experts Group are recognized experts and authorities within the United States and Canada. Our expertise and knowledge are primarily centered on the U.S. and Canadian job markets and employment practices. Consequently, the guidance, advice, and information provided by our members are specifically tailored to the dynamics and nuances of these job markets.


We kindly request that individuals seeking career advice in other countries consult with professionals who specialize in those respective regions.

Thanks for submitting your question to Ask the Experts! We will get back to you shortly.

Ask the Experts Current and Past Questions & Answers

Check out the great information provided in our Ask the Experts section. Questions are categorized under:
- Career                                 - LinkedIn
- Cover Letter                       - Networking
- College Students              - Personal Branding
- Employment Benefits       - Resume
- Interviewing                       - Salary Negotiations
- ​Job Search                         - Mindset and Mental Health

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