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As part of the incredible and comprehensive information provided monthly by the Career Experts Group in our "Your Career > Your Future" newsletter, we interview various career, industry, and subject matter experts. Check out the complete list of content, by topic, and click the link to view the entire interview or read the full transcript.

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5 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume & Samples of Best Practices

Elyse Pipitone 

Non-Profit Resumes

September 2022

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Non-profit positions can be found in numerous industries, and focus on service to others through charity,
education, science, art, philanthropy, or religion.


1. Consider your impact on others.
2. Highlight your "soft skills."
3. Include professional recognition.
4. Add volunteering and other

    community involvement. 

To learn more, including 5 tips for a strong non-profit resume and some great samples, watch this great video presented by Elyse Pipitone.


5 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume & Samples of Best Practices

Jeanne Stoner

Technical Resumes

September 2022

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The challenging part of writing a technical resume is understanding that you are writing for two audiences: nontechnical HR recruiters AND technical decision makers.

1. Be strategic.
2. Add technical and process

3. Showcase business value and

    distinguish yourself.

To learn more, including 5 tips for success and a resume review — what's missing, best practices, and what works well — watch this great video presented by Jeanne Stoner.

5 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume & Samples of Best Practices

Laura Johnson 

Executive Board Resumes

September 2022

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Board resumes differ from the more traditional position-focused resumes in a few significant ways.  Focus your company research on key skills and your match to board-specific core competencies. Use proxy statements and board skill matrices. Additionally, Spencer Stuart publishes an annual report that provides an analysis of board governance practices of the S&P 500.

1. Focus on your highest-level

2. List board-related experience

    before professional experience.
3. Include years of service with no

    worry of ageism.
4. Include a photo.

To learn more, including key tips for creating an impactful board resume that really stands out, watch this
great video
by Laura Johnson.

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